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Galen’s Way sets out to create the most effective, high quality herbal extracts. Our dedication to this endeavor has led to a demand among practitioners who recognize the unique value of our products. We are pleased to offer our complete line of herbal extracts to all practitioners and registered students in relevant disciplines.

Galen’s Way provides custom compounding services and private label contracting to increase the visibility of your practice. Please contact us for details.

Our standards are guided by a set of fundamental parameters to deliver concentrated high quality liquid herbal extracts that are made with purity and integrity.

QUALITY BOTANICALS: Galen’s Way sources from small growers and larger houses that are committed to responsible environmental, purity and quality standards. We have established relationships with our suppliers and have been working with many for close to 20 years. We validate their commitment to quality and safety by analyzing every lot of botanical material received for identity and adulteration.

ORGANIC STANDARDS: Galen’s Way is certified organic by CCOF.  Organic herbs are always our first choice while we strictly use organic cane alcohol in all of our extracts.

PROCESSING:  Our extraction techniques are fundamentally traditional and time tested. However, over the years we have learned many ways to enhance the simple method of maceration, employing specific treatments of heat, botanical material comminution, double maceration, filtration and more, for each herb and their individual characteristics. Our process delivers a full spectrum and potent extract.

SAFETY: We test all batches of finished extract for limits on total microbial count (TVC), coliform, E.coli, and yeast and mold.

SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT: Our process flow is guided by two sets of criteria, our commitment to quality, and by the standards set forth by FDA and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). From purchasing to delivery of finished goods, every step of the process is controlled and documented to ensure integrity and traceability.

REGULATORY: Our facility is registered with FDA, California Department of Public Health and CCOF as an organic processor.

QUALITY EXTRACTS: We stand behind our products as the best of their kind on the market. Beginning with optimal raw materials, combined with our meticulous processing methods, we create the best possible product.

COMMITMENT: Our primary commitment is to the practitioner and clinic. Our single focus is to provide you with the highest quality liquid herbal extracts; extracts you can rely on to be safe, potent, and full of life.

SERVICE: The focus of our company is to produce the best possible product and to serve our customers. We want our practitioners to know they can rely on us to deliver safe and effective extracts that serve them well in their practice.

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