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what is herbal artistry?

Webster's Third New International Dictionary defines "artistry" first, as the artistic quality of effect or workmanship. Artistic is defined as characterized by discrimination and skill. It is a personal viewpoint what we find artistic, but the aesthetic... the aspiration, is to be a producer of beautiful things.

Our aspiration is to produce beautiful things, beautiful products, which bear the mark of workmanship and effect. From the soil up, our soul [sic] focus is to put forth a product where the craft of our intention is evident in a refined nature that is also bold and complex.

Craft, thinking, and workmanship are brought to bear in the formulation and production of each product. Ingredients are carefully considered for purity and effect. The formula must hold a logical order, a cohesive structure within itself that allows the product, once produced, to stand on its own... to be effective and to become a representation.

It might be well enough that a product works well, and we might be happy with that. Our real intention is to bring beauty into the world. It is not impossible for us to have both. 

With beauty and function, our effect is amplified and the sum is greater. When we enjoy the use of something, something well-made, our intention is bought into the experience. A joyful intention elevates the spirit, causing our body to relax and we become healthier.

We are not defining what is artistic or beautiful. That is a fool’s game. We are crafting our products with skill so that they are effective, our aspiration being that they bring beauty and joy.

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