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why marshmallow extract and not marshmallow tea?

Why and how does Galen’s Way produce marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) extract without the use of alcohol when tea is as effective? And why is the ratio of herb to menstruum so high?  We have had these questions asked on a number of occasions... 

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the color of rose

The Rose of Damascus, is a deep pink beauty of a flower that has likely inspired more romance and joy than any other. It is the main rose species used in therapeutic aromatherapy and high-end perfumery. Our Riot of Roses Cream is born out of this Old World undying obsession...

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a note about avena and gluten for our practitioners

Periodically, we receive inquiries as to whether Avena (Oat) extract contains gluten. To be better informed, we tracked down some helpful information regarding this issue. The research included below may help a person make a more informed decision in regards to their health and well-being, or in making a decision with their practitioners...

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what is herbal artistry?

Webster's Third New International Dictionary defines "artistry" first, as the artistic quality of effect or workmanship. Artistic is defined as characterized by discrimination and skill. It is a personal viewpoint what we find artistic, but the aesthetic... the aspiration, is to be a producer of beautiful things...

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